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Our engagements


We are convinced of the benefits of nature for human health but we also believe that we must use the resources of our planet with conscience and respect. Our choice of materials has thus turned to the best nature can offer and we can find : responsibly produced biodegradable materials respectful of the environment and animals.

Nous portons une grande importance à la revalorisation des matières.

C’est pourquoi DanceFiber a le plaisir de vous annoncer sa collaboration avec Iceep !

iCEEP FC.png

We only use GOTS certified cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and in accordance with organic farming practices.



The traceability of our wool ensures that it comes from controlled farms in which the animals are raised on organic pasture and are treated humanely. The natural dyes we use are safe for the people who handle them during manufacturing.


Note that some of our products are dyed with plants by the founder of the DanceFiber brand.

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