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DanceFiber clothes combine the elasticity of knit and the ease and

comfort of natural fibers.

DanceFibers uses GOTS-certified materials and commissions its garments from small French and Italian workshops known for

their quality and expertise.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is produced from plants grown without the use of pesticides.


It is defined "ecological" because it can be used to produce non-toxic and non-allergenic fabrics, which allow the skin to breathe naturally.


The dyes used for this type of cotton are based on 100% organic vegetable matter.



DF2786CC DanceFiber kimono vest and pants merino.jpg

Wool is a fiber of animal origin. It is very elastic and offers natural insulation from cold and heat.


Fine wool is at the same time light, soft and warm; it provides the comfort and warmth needed in the warm-up phase of physical activity and sport.


Wool clothes help the body retain its natural heat when it stops moving and let perspiration evaporate gently, without sudden drops in temperature that may lead to muscle contructures.


The elasticity of wool and the knit make our clothes soft and guarantee freedom of movement.

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