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Inspirée par la nature

Portée au quotidien


Designed for exercise but wearable on any occasion, DanceFiber clothes are ideal for those who enrich their everyday life with dance, pilates or yoga.


Nature is anchored in our DNA, movement is our reason for living. Since 2016, we have been designing collections in  selected 100% NATURAL fibers , for optimal comfort for all physical activities.


DanceFiber, the 'ready-to-dance' fashion made of natural materials

Organic cotton and Merino wool provide unparalleled comfort during exercise across the entire DanceFiber collection.

Although the original inspiration for DanceFiber is dance, our clothes are made to be worn on any occasion and are as appreciated by those who enjoy mountain sports as by who prefers cycling.

Whether strolling through the city or globetrotting, our classic timeless pieces are must-haves to move about the world in comfort and elegance.

DF5095CC DanceFiber natural fiber for gymnastic.jpg
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