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and Floor-Barre TM lessons

Zen Stretching®

Mondays : 19.15-20.15 Paris time

Fridays : 19.15-20.15 Paris time

A gentle form of gymnastics based on the stretching and toning of muscle chains along the path of the energy meridians, Zen Stretching® goes beyond the framework of purely physical training, to enter a more global dimension of listening to oneself, prevention, conservation and recovery of well-being.

Created by Silvia Marchesa-Rossi (Il Vaso di Pandora, Milan), Zen Stretching® is inspired by exercises with meridians created by Shizuto Masunaga, psychologist and famous Japanese shiatsu teacher.

The work offered by Zen-Stretching® allows you to individually assess your state of health to work on energy rebalancing, increase your vitality, free yourself from fatigue and body stiffness.

The Floor-Barre TM

Wednsdays : 19.15-20.15 Paris time

It is a postural technique designed and structured around the essential movements and basic principles of anatomy. Created to develop and perfect the technique of ballet, it is also effective for other dance techniques, for actors, singers and athletes who wish to strengthen their bodies and improve their posture and balance.

Floor work changes the body's relationship to gravity. The movements are easier, the simplicity and the repetition of the movements allow you to focus on the alignment of the spine, on the posture, the breathing, working on the openings, strengthening the muscles and the tendons, increasing body flexibility.

Unit price: 10 €

Unlimited monthly subscription: 50 €

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