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Basic Zen Stretching® course

  • Basic Zen Stretching® course of 20 hours.

    During the basic course you will be able to learn all the 50 basic exercises of Zen Stretching® with a work methodology that aims to make you independent in its practice. The basic course delivers a certificate of attendance and is preparatory to the training course to become a teacher / facilitator of Zen Stretching®.

    Created by Silvia Marchesa-Rossi (Il Vaso di Pandora, Milan), Zen Stretching® is inspired by exercises with meridians created by Shizuto Masunaga, psychologist and famous Japanese shiatsu teacher.

    The work offered by Zen-Stretching® allows you to individually assess your state of health to work on energy rebalancing, increase your vitality, free yourself from fatigue and stiffness in the body.

    A gentle form of gymnastics based on the stretching and toning of muscle chains along the path of energy meridians, Zen Stretching® goes beyond the framework of purely physical training, to enter a more global dimension of listening to oneself, prevention, conservation and recovery of well-being.

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