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26 février
Rebalance your energy with stretching

From March 1st, DanceFiber founder Lucia wich is also a teacher of

Zen-Stretching® and Floor barre TM

invites you to join her classes on Zoom

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Zen-Stretching® is a simple method for learning to assess and improve your energetic state through movement, meditation, relaxation and listening to yourself. During the lessons you will learn to recognize

the flow of meridians in your body, to assess the current energy condition and correct it

with individualized tonifying and dispersion exercises.

The Floor-Barre TM is a type of warm-up created to perfect the technique of ballet,

but also effective for all types of dancers, actors, singers and athletes who wish to strengthen

and make their body more flexible while improving posture and balance.

It is more and more used in muscle strengthening therapy after an accident or long time of physical inactivity.