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Caring for your products

Caring for organic cotton


Organic cotton clothing does not contain elastane; they are then a little firmer and less elastic than synthetic garments, the elasticity is due to the jersey knit.


Machine wash in cold water using a gentle cycle without bleach.

Avoid friction which could give an "aged" look to the garment.

Preferably do not tumble dry; hang the garment to dry it, taking care to stretch it to avoid bad folds.

You can iron at medium temperature.

DF5459CC DanceFiber maille et corsaires

Wool care

DF3805CC DanceFiber black merinos cape.j

Woolen knits have exceptional qualities of elasticity.

Wool provides ease of absorption without feeling damp.

The fiber being naturally slightly wavy, it results very light and comfortable.



Wash woolen clothes by hand or with a delicate machine cycle in cold water, with Marseille soap or delicate wool soap and without bleach.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature and friction which could damage the garment and cause pilling.


Dry flat or hang so as not to distort the garment. No ironing needed if the garment is stretched and flat during drying. Iron on reverse at low temperature using a little steam.


All DanceFiber clothing is made of very fine mesh, we advise you to avoid rings and bracelets which could get caught between the meshes and break the threads during sport activities.

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