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PRE-ORDER of the Bardot leotard in progress
25 May - 08 June

Because we only produce what you ask for, we are soon launching a pre-order campaign for the Bardot leotard in organic cotton, made in France. It will be produced in the kaki grey color, the color you have choosen during the questionnaire, an evergreen and natural color which is easy to mix with other colors of your garderobe . You can use it for dance, yoga or Pilates but also as a swimsuit at the beach.


Over the period between  May 25th and June 08th, visit our website to pre-order your Bardot leotard and benefit from an exceptional discount; you will pay 85€ instead of 115€ normal prce.

Deliveries will take place following the pre-order period, between the 20th of juin and the 10th of July, the sooner you order the sooner we will be able to serve you quickly.


For a more responsible production we want to limit stocks and unsold but especially the waste of material!! This is part of our responsible and sustainable development approach.

By using the pre-order system, you help us with more targeted and responsible sourcing and production, and you can benefit from a better price for your dance and yoga sportswear, because we can limit our costs of materials, storage, consumption, and transportation.

We rely on you to help us ⁠produce only what is necessary!

Thank you

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