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A responsible analysis

Today we would like to introduce you to a company that allows us to evaluate our performance: Datakhi. We have called on them in order to be as transparent as possible with you.

This analysis covers several areas such as certificates, suppliers and CO2 emissions. This allows us to be aware of DanceFiber's performance, both as employees and customers.

We use 3 suppliers and 6 different materials: knowing the suppliers well allows us to guarantee the high quality of the materials and to choose the best for you. In addition, it allows us to reduce our ecological impact, which is very important to us. All the more so as our suppliers come from nearby countries: we carefully select them in France and Italy.

For materials, we have two main certifications: GOTS and the supplier certificate. More than 70% of our materials are certified.

To continue on the quality aspect of our products, we sell 34 different products. Indeed, the choice to propose a restricted range allows us to focus on the materials, the cut and the resistance of each of our products, in order to offer you the best.

We have analysed our figures for the last 5 years, and we are reassured that our strategy of developing our business through boutiques and multi-brand sports shops in town is less CO2 intensive than internet sales. We advocate a slow lifestyle and fashion close to the citizens.

At DanceFiber, we promise to always be transparent with you and to always share information that we feel is important when selecting a brand.

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