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Music and dance are inseparable

Who doesn't think of music when talking about dance? And vice versa?

Music and dance are accessible activities that are able to give you maximum well-being in a minimum of time. Listening to music on the bus, or starting to do your best dance step in your bathroom, is something we've all done! So, what we are going to talk about today, will please you.

If you want to learn the floor bar, at your own pace and with music, we suggest "Floor Barre In Biarritz" set up by Noëllie Coutisson, dancer and classical dance teacher, and Nolwenn Collet, pianist and composer specialised in dance. Indeed, the difficulty for a pianist is to accompany dancers: it is necessary to select the appropriate music but also to adapt the intensity of the music to correctly accompany the emotions expressed by the dancer.Together they have created 15 floor barre exercises to do at home while enjoying a trip to the Basque coast. Barre au sol is an excellent compromise between dance and soft gymnastics.

Entirely filmed in the open air, from sunrise to sunset, this video takes you on a walk along the beaches of Biarritz, at the foot of its lighthouse, near the casino, at the old fishermen's port, through the small streets lined with crampons... by the sublime Virgin Rock... until sunset on a calm and peaceful sea, with the ocean and its deep colours as a common thread.

The original score that Nolwenn created for this ground bar by the ocean was recorded on a beautiful Steinway grand piano and is available as a CD or downloadable MP3 file.

This format allows you to do the exercises in a sequence, or in a location of your choice outdoors in just 33 minutes!