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The price's composition

Price is an essential element in a purchase. But how is it determined? Is it random or are there criteria? In this blog, we will explain the composition of a price and what to take into account.

First of all, the raw material that is needed to produce an article. The raw material costs more or less depending on the quality and its origin. At DanceFiber we always try to choose the best possible quality and local suppliers, which is why the price is higher than the competition.

Then we have the production which takes more or less time depending on the quantity and quality and if it is handmade or not. At DanceFiber, the production takes time because we favour handmade and produce few quantities, the cost of the preparation has then an important weight because it is spread on few pieces.

In addition, we have to pay for packaging and transport, as well as VAT. In order for us to live, we also make a small margin for the purchase of materials, and to be able to pay our suppliers and manufacturers, communication and advertising, commercial costs, our accountant and insurance... In short, all the fixed and variable costs.

At DanceFiber, we sell our clothes at the right price. As a responsible company, it is also difficult for us to do promotions as large as Fast-Fashion companies, we do them in an exceptional way.

At DanceFiber, we want to communicate with you in a transparent way, so we wanted to talk to you about this.

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