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Boxing: a complete sport

English, French or Thai: boxing is a sport with many variations. Whether with hands or feet, boxing is accompanied by clichés, regardless of its variant. "It's a sport for gangs", "It's just for throwing punches without thinking", or "Frankly, it's a sport for boys only". At DanceFiber, when we hear this kind of cliché in any sport, we jump out of our chairs!

Boxing is a sport that is becoming more and more democratic. Originally a street sport, this combat sport has made its way into the world of sports, and into many fitness centers. So, yes, there are more gentle sports than boxing. If you want to be gentler, yoga or Pilates will be more suitable.

Despite its violent aspect, boxing is a sport that requires a lot of rigor, a lot of technique and above all a lot of mental strength. The rigor of the training and the technique of the gestures will avoid injuring yourself just by giving a blow (yes... it would be a shame).

Boxing is a complete sport that works all the muscles of the body. It develops coordination, strengthens and tones the muscles, trains the heart, helps with weight loss... and at the same time, on a mental level, it develops concentration, improves self-confidence and reduces stress.

But how does the training work?

Each training session is different: it varies according to the level, the physical condition and the club. Most of the time, we can find this:

  • A warm-up: skipping rope, joint warm-up, and shadow boxing (boxing in a vacuum to prepare the muscles for punching and to review dodging)

  • The session itself: this could be a punching bag session, sparring, or a strength training session to improve physical conditions during sparring. If it is a session dedicated only to muscle strengthening, the workouts will look like a crossfit session: different workshops where you can work different muscles, within a given time.

  • Strengthening and stretching: the session ends, or begins, with a moment of strengthening. You can do sheathing, push-ups, the chair, or squats. Basic exercises but essential for the physical condition of a boxer. And finally, stretching is good to avoid soreness the next day. Stretching is often very appreciated for its relaxing side.

At the end of a training session, you feel relaxed because you have been able to let off steam and release the pressure of everyday life. And of course, you also feel exhausted from having given so much energy!

So what about the outfit for boxing?

Boxing is an intense sport where you should not be afraid of sweating. To practice this sport, it is ideal to opt for a light outfit: shorts and a tank top, for example. Find a comfortable outfit that you feel comfortable in.

DanceFiber outfits are ideal for this activity. They are made of natural materials that allow your skin to breathe without trapping sweat. In addition, the range of styles offered will allow everyone to find their preferred one. You can opt for mixed organic cotton and merino wool shorts, or long pair of trousers for those who prefer it.

Our favorite outfit is the one that is currently on pre-order: the short-sleeved T-shirt with a dancer's collar, made of organic cotton; as well as a pair of corset-style pants made of organic cotton.

Tip: And if you want to make your training more fun, you can box while dancing like Marie-Agnès Gillot, in "La Boxeuse Amoureuse".

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