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At DanceFiber, every day is the Earth Day

At DanceFiber, every day is Earth Day.

Since our beginning we have set up rules to respect and objectives to pursue to follow our vision to preserve the environment which surrounds us. We do not pretend to say that everything we do is right, but we act the best we can for what we believe is of value, and the Earth is what we have of most precious.

This is what we do or aim to do to follow our vision:

  • We conceive our products out of natural materials, such as cotton or wool, which comes from nature and can return to nature without pollute it because they are biodegradable.

  • We use GOTS certified organic cotton which means that is cultivated with no use of pesticides and uses little water to grow.

  • Our wool comes from controlled farms in which the animals are raised on organic pasture and are treated humanely.

  • We are privileged hand dyeing with water based dyes and pigments which are extracted from plants and flowers, or non-toxic and low water consuming dying processes.

  • We produce as locally as possible. All operations from spinning, weaving or knitting, dying, clothing manufacturing are made in Europe in a restricted area between north of Italy and France. This allows to limit our impact on carbon emissions.

  • We recycle or upgrade materials which are considered scrap from other industries.

  • We produce in small series or in a pre-order mode so that we do not build stock, and we limit waste produced only what customers require.

  • We like to be simple and our clothing style is ‘evergreen’ which means that it is timeless, it never becomes old. We create basics which are easy to match with other pieces of everyone’s wardrobe.

  • All our products are packaged in organic cotton pouches and shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes

  • We do practice selective sorting, and we only use recycled paper in our office.

At DanceFiber we like to be creative, and we listen to our customers’ wishes, but we listen to Earth first.

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