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Dreamy tights

With the arrival of spring we want to uncover our legs; dresses and skirts are making a comeback...and so are tights and pantyhose.

Our next lifestyle collection includes a dress and a skirt, so we have been looking for tights that are as responsible as our products, and which could be worn for everyday as well as for dance class. Tights are one of the most important pieces for dancers, they have to be comfortable and of high quality.

We came across a lovely new French brand, REV Society, which offers women an eco-responsible alternative to classic tights.

Since 2019, the brand offers eco-designed tights made of regenerated yarn and 100% Made in Europe, for women who are looking for comfort for their daily adventures.

"Traditional tights are extremely polluting: to make a single pair of tights you need to use more than 10 kilometers of synthetic yarn from petrochemicals, 750 liters of water and a large number of allergenic dyes, not to mention the fact that they are often made on the other side of the world, and sometimes in dubious conditions. The result is poor quality tights that get damaged and quickly end up in the bin. 104 million pairs of tights are thrown away in France every year: the equivalent of 7,000 tons, or... the weight of the Eiffel Tower! According to a survey conducted by the association HOP (Halte à l'Obsolescence Programmée), tights are used only between three and five times before they are worn out," explained the creators of the brand, Aurore Jacques and Laetitia Paput, two young women with a passion for fashion who, like more and more people today, are trying to live and consume responsibly to respect the planet.

Eager to start a business in the fashion industry, they decided to found their own brand together by creating REV Society in harmony with their values. After launching a study and a questionnaire about women's needs, they studied in details the best ecological alternative to traditional tights.